About us

Pelican Residences LLC started as a small company in 2014 providing fully furnished apartments in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Very soon we developed our own niche in Hollywood and became a popular brand providing quality fully furnished apartments. Overwhelmed by demand, we expanded and added multiple apartments of different size in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

After tasting success on the West coast - we moved to East coast acquiring our first property in Washington DC. in 2015. There too, we met with instant success. Guests loved our quality and location of our apartments coupled with great customer care.

The motto of our company has been to ‘Love our guest to death”. And it has worked for us. We have had so many guests coming back to us or their friends booking with us since they had heard about our high quality service.

We are constantly growing and evolving! In a short period of less than 3 years, we have a sizable presence in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Arlington.

Are we done yet? No way!! We continue to expand to more cities like Chattanooga, Atlanta and Charlotte and provide high quality fully furnished apartments to guests who prefer a ‘home away from home’. Those guests who enjoy larger things in life including a large place to stay and not get trapped by small rooms in high priced hotels.

Who are the people behind this venture? A very motivated team of individuals whose aim is to make Pelican Residences a company who is loved by its guests and admired by competition!

The company is owned by a veteran who spent 26 years in the Navy as a commissioned officer. His motto is “pride and excellence” - in every walk of life.

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